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Nov 27 2015

City Business Solutions Offer 7 Steps to Success


Jamie Shahin, managing director of City Business Solutions looks to many successful entrepreneurs for inspiration.  Richard Branson recently released 10 top tips for business success and here Ms Shahin highlights her 7 favorite tips on how to achieve success in business;

1. Follow your dreams and just do it- By choosing a career that inspires passion and promotes a cause close to an individual’s heart makes work less of a chore, and studies have shown that those following their dreams are enjoying life the most.

2. Make a positive difference and do some good – By choosing the entrepreneurial route it is taking the responsibility to improve lives of those around us, if the businesses main goal isn’t to improve people’s lives it has failed.

3. Believe in your ideas and be the best – to achieve success it is important to promote belief in the products and services, use them for everyone to see.

4. Have fun and look after your team – develop the business culture to ensure everyone feels valued to create a positive working environment.

5. Don’t give up – business is not a bed of roses, it will test resilience and determination.  Only those with true grit will succeed.

6. Make lots of lists and keep setting yourself new challenges – log goals and ideas, it will allow achievements to be recognized and future ideas to be developed or analyzed at a more suitable time,

7. Spend time with your family and learn to delegate – hire a team that complements personal weaknesses, it allows delegation to be executed confidently and frees up time to spend with loved ones.

City Business Solutions are active entrepreneurial supporters. When recruiting, they often source those who can display entrepreneurial traits.  The firm has spent a large part of the last 12 months focused on expansion – they extended their market reach in Chicago in May and have plans to expand further throughout the mid-west heading into 2016.

City Business Solutions encourages its sales representatives to create a vision in which they can focus on, to assist them to persevere when times inevitable get tough. The firm believe it is important to reassess this periodically to ensure the vision and focus is relevant and still in line with life goals.  The firm offers a supportive environment which allows young entrepreneurs to develop at a rate they can control. Additional support is offered when required and if a topic or area is achieved quickly it allows development to be made quickly. City Business Solutions offers its sales representatives to participate in its business development program free of charge.

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