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City Business Solutions: Is There a Certain Route Female Entrepreneurs Must Follow To Achieve Success?

After a recent study was published outlining the most common struggles women face in the business world, City Business Solutions have investigated whether female entrepreneurs do in fact face a tougher time trying to gain business success.

With the success of famous female entrepreneurs such as Sheryl Sandberg and Arianna Huffington making the headlines in recent years, it would seem as though the US as a whole is beginning to see more opportunities for tenacious business women to make their mark. However, with the publishing of a recent article by Citylab this issue may not be as cut and dry as it would initially appear. Delving a little deeper CityLab reported that according to the New York Times, there are currently more CEOs running S&P 1500 companies, than there are women. The report also suggested that whilst the number of female business owners is on the rise, the number of women who currently hold top business positions in the US has hardly grown at all. These claims have caught the interest of City Business Solutions, a Chicago based sales and marketing firm. Ran by successful female entrepreneur Jamie Shahin, the firm is always keen to encourage women that there is a place for them in the business world, and they have just as much right to business success as male entrepreneurs. The firm have reviewed the findings of the CityLab report and offered their thoughts on the challenges and pitfalls of being a female entrepreneur in the US.

The CityLab article claims that women in the business world face a unique set of barriers when starting a business venture. For example, according to a 2015 survey conducted by PEW Research Center 43% of Americans believe that when working towards an executive position women are judged far more harshly than men. More worryingly, 23% of American’s surveyed believed in the outdated notion that women simply don’t have time to hold down an executive position due to family commitments and responsibilities. Whilst these opinions may be held throughout the US, a study by GoodCall Analysis agency found that there are certain locations which are more open to helping female business professionals succeed. After indexing cities across America according to their percentage of female entrepreneurs and the business education available to women, the survey found that small to mid-sized cities are in general, more supportive of female entrepreneurship.

City Business Solutions believe that despite the results of these studies, women should never feel fenced in when it comes to fulfilling their business dreams. Whilst smaller cities with a population of under 50,000 were found to be more favorable to women in business, City Business Solutions strongly believe from first-hand experience that if a female entrepreneur is tenacious and driven that they have the freedom to make it anywhere. The firm are confident that in sales and marketing especially, there are no barriers for women, as proven by the rising number of women achieving success in the industry. ‘As long as you have a winning mind set you can make it. There is so much support within the industry, and not just in the US, the industry is growing globally and providing so many opportunities to both men and women. It’s a really exciting time,’ stated Jamie Shahin managing director of City Business Solutions.

City Business Solutions is a Chicago based sales and marketing firm that help major brands to reconnect to their customers and increase market reach. Through face-to-face marketing campaigns the firm strengthen their clients’ customer relationships and generate a high ROI, allowing them the means to grow throughout the USA.

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