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Sep 18 2015

City Business Solutions hold informative tutorial on motivating people to ‘step up’

Chicago-based sales firm City Business Solutions has been educating their crew members on how to motivate others. Here, the firm reveals the 6 ways to motivate people to step up.


City Business Solutions regularly host tutorials and workshops to help teach and support the people they work with in order for them to develop and become the best at what they do. The firm believes that these workshops also assist with the team’s development and allows them the chance to get creative and experience new skills. In their most recent tutorial, City Business Solutions revealed the 6 ways people can motivate their team.


Invest your time in your team.
Jamie Shahin, of City Business Solutions believes that it is vital to understand your people’s goals, values, aspirations and future plans. “This shows the team that you care and also helps you to direct them towards these goals,” points out the business owner.


Communicate to others as they wish to be communicated to.
If you want to motivate others toward a greater initiative or sense of accountability then it is important to reach out to each person in the way they prefer. Learn each individual’s preferences and personality styles and communicate accordingly, offers Jamie Shahin.


Define how each person fits within the group.
Creating a stronger sense of role identity will promote team synergy and camaraderie, and increase accountability, points out City Business Solutions. Individuals will understand that the whole group can’t finish without all team members doing their part and won’t want to let their colleagues and friends down so will be more motivated to complete their tasks.


Measure progress.
Jamie Shahin suggests establishing criteria for your colleagues to report their growth. For example: daily recaps, weekly objectives and monthly benchmarks.


Teach your people how to win.
City Business Solutions believes that it’s important to work to align what you expect with what others want and care about. Communicate how the goal will impact the individual positively and how it will establish a win for the group as a whole.


Do favors in advance.
Helping others inevitably promotes a reciprocal relationship, highlights Jamie Shahin. When you are in need, you will have others willing to help.


City Business Solutions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Chicago. The firm work closely with their clients to develop highly personalized campaigns and then take these directly to consumers through face-to-face marketing techniques. The purpose of this is to create long-lasting and personal connections between brand and consumer as well as drive customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


City Business Solutions feels that motivation is particularly important within their industry because sales can be challenging. “When someone is having a bad day where people keep saying no, they need the motivation to pick themselves back up and go out their again,” says Jamie Shahin.



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