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Aug 16 2015

City Business Solutions is proud to be a part of the leading city for female entrepreneurs

It was recently revealed that Chicago is head and shoulders above the rest of the world for its number of female founders. City Business Solutions have reviewed the findings and…

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Aug 6 2015

Outsourced Marketing can double a brand’s revenue claims City Business Solutions

Chicago-based City Business Solutions outline the key benefits of outsourced marketing in terms of determining brand strategies and business growth and development.

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City Business Solutions reveals how to achieve a good work / life balance

Entrepreneurs can often find themselves working 18 hour days, but to achieve great success in business and their personal life they must master a good work / life balance. City…

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Jul 14 2015

City Business Solutions attend 2015 Awards Ceremony

City Business Solutions attended an important national conference on 12th July, where they were nominated for an award.

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Jul 7 2015

City Business Solutions Investigate Whether Product Placement is Out of Control

Product placement has long been a popular marketing technique for many big brands; however despite the popularity many are beginning to question the effectiveness of such an approach. City Business…

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Jun 16 2015

City Business Solutions announce Travel plans

Chicago-based marketing firm, City Business Solutions have revealed their plans to travel the country for various business meetings.

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Jun 7 2015

City Business Solutions Prepare For Major Industry Event

On July 11th, City Business Solutions will travel with professionals from across North America to Baltimore to attend a major industry event.

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May 31 2015

US Firm City Business Solutions Investigate What Can Be Done to Encourage More Young People into Business Ownership

Despite an overall rise in the number of new businesses being established in the US, research from the Kauffman Foundation published by CNCB on 28th May 2015 has revealed that…

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May 28 2015

City Business Solutions: Investigates what millennials look for in a career

The term Millennials is usually considered to apply to individuals who reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. The precise delineation varies from one source to another, however….

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May 8 2015

City Business Solutions announce travel and expansion plans

Chicago-based sales and marketing firm, City Business Solutions have revealed their exciting plans to travel to London and to expand their business on their return to the US.

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